Privacy Policy and HIPAA Statement

Privacy Policy

At Vital Monkey (VM), we are very conscientious about privacy and security. Our philosophy on privacy is simple: We do not divulge any information, for any reason, about anybody, ever. As a VM customer or the patient of a health care professional using our software solutions, your information will not be sold, shared, or distributed in any way.

HIPAA Security Information

We take our security measures very seriously and commit to doing everything possible to ensure that your data and electronic communication with VM is secure and HIPAA compliant. When you use VM you can rest assured that your network communications to our servers are secure and that your data is safe.

Below are just some of the security measures we have in place:

As a customer of Vital Monkey (VM), you should know that:

If you have any questions regarding our privacy and security policies, feel free to contact us and tell us your concern. We will respond to you promptly.