Your Questions Answered

Does it Really Just Start at $9.99/month?

YES! Users can also select enhancements to complete your Vital Monkey experience: tools like electronic clearinghouse submissions, electronic patient statements, credit card merchant account, a collections agency at your disposal and a completely integrated EHR system. The fees for these are industry standard.

Are there any long-term contracts?

No. There are no commitment contracts at all. Getting started with Vital Monkey is simple and quick.

What type of practices can use Vital Monkey?

Any practice that needs to process HCFA 1500 (WCMS-1500CS) or UB 04 (CMS-1450.)

It’s Easy—No Software

How does it work?

Vital Monkey is a web-based app. Your data resides at our data centers and you access it via your web browser, over the Internet.

What are the system requirements?

You simply need a Windows-based or Macintosh computer and a high-speed/broadband Internet connection.

Do I need to update any software?

No. The application is 100% web browser-based so all enhancements and updates to the application will take place automatically.

Do you offer a trial or demo version of the software?

If you are interested in a test drive of Vital Monkey, fill out the form on our website and we’ll get you started!


Is Vital Monkey HIPAA compliant / secure?

Yes. All communication and information is encrypted to ensure the highest level of privacy available. The Vital Monkey software and processes are HIPAA Compliant, giving you the necessary tools to run your business and ensure the privacy of your patients. Each practice has Administrative functions so that each user’s activities are tracked, and passwords are issued by the Administrator. SSL encryption uses the strongest security methods available and guarantees that your sensitive information is transmitted securely.


What if I have multiple locations to my health care practice or billing company?

No problem. That is one of the benefits of Vital Monkey. You can easily use the app from multiple locations.


What kind of technical support does Vital Monkey offer?

We have several venues for support. You can visit our “Support” tab within the application, which allows you to report incidents, give feedback and suggestions, or simply ask a question. You can file a support ticket here and we also provide self-paced videos, on our YouTube page, to show you how to set up your practice, patients, and other tips and tricks.

Are there support fees?

There is unlimited free email support. Our users have found this to be effective for 99% of their support questions. Additional/extended support is available. Contact us at for a quote and more information.